Our first step in providing a unique taste starts in the hills of Blue Creek. Housing our hens and roosters in the healthiest conditions guarantees a high standard. The fertile eggs produced experience a daily demanding selection process to ensure the best possible hatch. These eggs are transported to the Hatchery.


Nurturing is part of our human nature. Careful temperature and humidity control, secure facility, equipped with alarms and a 21 day of incubation cycle allows these fluffy yellow chirping balls to hatch. The newly hatched chicks are transported to their new home: a barn where they will be provided with the best feed and water to ensure their adequate growth.


We strive in providing the most nutritious meals to the chicks from start to the finish. The primary ingredients, corn and soybean, are grown and harvested on national soil. The mix of the ingredients to specific standards is all part of a well-balanced diet.


The newly hatched chicks are provided with a clean home, feed and water. They will remain in this environment on the fresh hills until they reach the desired maturity. During this period farmers take care and provide the most suitable living conditions for these birds.


Caribbean Chicken Processing Plant receives the birds that have reached the desired maturity. At the new facility and with technology, the birds are weighed, graded, processed and packaged. At every step of the process food handling, safety measures and key standards are upheld.


With a fleet of Semi-Trucks, refrigerated trucks, modified pick-up trucks, motorcycles, golf-carts and an amicable staff, you can count on a fresh product produced and processed with the highest of standards in mind at each step. This ensure our commitment in providing and ensuring that the secret is in the taste.